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FFB posts for 9 March roundup


Adventures in Refashioning – Soldering in Heels

Aly en France – My Body Entirely

Alexa Wasielewski – Some Feminists Need to Spartan Up!

EBSnare [The Magic Square Foundation] : Body Policing/Fashion/Feminism

Fashionable Academics – What a Feminist Looks Like: A Fashionable Academics Virtual Conference

Fishmonkey – The Man Repeller and The Male Gaze

Interrobangs Anonymous- Millie’s Take on Modesty

Jean of all Trades- Qiu Jin: Modern China’s First Feminist

Knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care – Knitting a Better World

Mrs Bossa – In Bad Company: Girl Tribes

My Illustrative Life – Male Gaze n’stuff

Northwest is Best – Why 1940s style is not a fashion trend

One Techie’s Search for Something resembling Style – Feminism and the Slave Leia Costume

Oranges and Apples – Some Thoughts on Marthette’s, blogging about ‘feminine’ stuff, and perfection

Rags Against the Machine A Gaze of My Own

Sidewalk Chic – Reclaiming leather skirts and other ‘provocative’ clothing

Skrush – A Single Standard (or, Where Motherhood, Modesty, Mormons, and Feminism Meet)

What Are Years? – FFB Post #2: My thoughts on the CBC documentary, The F-Word


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