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Feminist Fashion Bloggers (FFB) is a network for fashion bloggers interested in feminism and feminist bloggers interested in fashion. The aim is to meet like minded bloggers, encourage dialogue and discussion both within and between the two blog niches and to explore the intersections and links between the two topics. And to have fun in doing so!

FFB posts for 9 March roundup


Adventures in Refashioning – Soldering in Heels

Aly en France – My Body Entirely

Alexa Wasielewski – Some Feminists Need to Spartan Up!

EBSnare [The Magic Square Foundation] : Body Policing/Fashion/Feminism

Fashionable Academics – What a Feminist Looks Like: A Fashionable Academics Virtual Conference

Fishmonkey – The Man Repeller and The Male Gaze

Interrobangs Anonymous- Millie’s Take on Modesty

Jean of all Trades- Qiu Jin: Modern China’s First Feminist

Knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care – Knitting a Better World

Mrs Bossa – In Bad Company: Girl Tribes

My Illustrative Life – Male Gaze n’stuff

Northwest is Best – Why 1940s style is not a fashion trend

One Techie’s Search for Something resembling Style – Feminism and the Slave Leia Costume

Oranges and Apples – Some Thoughts on Marthette’s, blogging about ‘feminine’ stuff, and perfection

Rags Against the Machine A Gaze of My Own

Sidewalk Chic – Reclaiming leather skirts and other ‘provocative’ clothing

Skrush – A Single Standard (or, Where Motherhood, Modesty, Mormons, and Feminism Meet)

What Are Years? – FFB Post #2: My thoughts on the CBC documentary, The F-Word


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